Zhejiang Dalouis Garment Co., Ltd.


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Zhejiang Dalouis Garment Co., Ltd.
Country:China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
Established Time:1997
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Business type:Manufacturer
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  • Contact Person:Mr.Zhang
  • Tel:86-575-83000716
  • Fax:86-575-83345720
  • Province/state:Zhejiang
  • Street:13rd4 tie industrial zone shengzhou zhejiang

About US

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Zhejiang Dalouis Garment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in a wide variety of high-quality neckties, necktie fabric and related accessories wholesale. Our company was founded in 1998, and started the necktie industry in Shengzhou, and develops rapidly at present. Our company is located in the neckwear production base - Shengzhou (in Shaoxing Area, Zhejiang, China) which is reputed as Necktie City all over the world.

Dalouis products range from Necktie fabric, Silk woven neckties, Silk printed neckties, Polyester woven neckties, Polyester printed neckties and related accessories including bow tie cummerbund, scarves and suspenders. We are able to offer customers a full variety of neckwear products. We keep a strict eye on the quality control of manufacturing. For the aim of high-quality productivity, we are inspecting and examining at every working procedure and workshop.

Our belief is to do our best to offer our clients the best products with the best price and the best service.

We welcome you to visit our website or our factory at any time.

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Company Name: Zhejiang Dalouis Garment Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
Registered Address: No. 1, 4th Road, Tie Industrial Zone, Sanjiang St., Shengzhou City, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Year Established: 1997
Registered Capital: RMB 10,080,000